Big Data and IoT

June 15, 2023

Uploaded by Miotamin


The digital industry is home to two closely connected technologies, IoT (Internet of Things) and Big Data. IoT represents a network of interconnected devices capable of automatically collecting and sharing data over the internet. Big Data is a term used to describe the massive and intricate datasets produced by IoT and other data sources.

The majority of business professionals are now well-versed in the advantages of utilizing Big Data. Big Data can be sourced from three primary areas: People, Systems, and Sensors. When sourced from People, Big Data takes the form of multi-format data created and shared by individuals across diverse platforms, including social media and websites.In contrast, financial and human resource management systems and other software can generate system data. Moreover, IoT Devices that enable monitoring systems from energy consumption up to environmental conditions and asset movements generate what we know as sensor data.

The manufacturing industry can harness the power of IoT and Big Data to monitor machine performance, optimize the supply chain, and reduce instances of machine downtime.Similarly, the transportation sector can leverage these technologies to enhance fuel efficiency, improve driver and passenger safety, and streamline travel schedules.

In the realm of electricity management, IoT takes on the form of Advanced Metering Infrastructure. This technology can monitor electricity consumption patterns in near real-time, track the quality of supplied electricity, and even connect to payment systems. As the world of technology constantly evolve, we look forward to keeping you updated on the latest developments and innovations.